People purchase land for many different reasons, whether that be farming, recreation, or investment. Questions that you should ask before purchasing an investment tract will vary from a tract that you are purchasing for recreation. Below is a list of questions you should know the answers to before you consider purchasing land as an investment. 

1. How will I access the property. (Does it have road frontage, an easement, etc.)

2. Is there clear title to the property. 

3. What is the current timber mix on the property. (Pine plantation, Natural growth, open fields, etc.)

4. What is the site index for the property. (How well will it grow a tree)

5. Are the property boundaries clearly marked. 

6. Are there any easements on the property. 

7. Is there an internal road system already in place. 

8. How far is the nearest wood processing facility. 

9. Does the property drain or does it hold water.

10. Would the property be desirable for someone else if you had to sell. 

None of these questions alone may be deal breakers, but it is important to understand the answers to these questions in order to best maximize your return on investment. A real estate agent who understands land sales can be an invaluable asset when making land investment purchases.