White Oak Properties LLC is looking for highly motivated, independent thinkers to join our team. If you believe in constantly learning and growing in and outside of your career, we may be a good fit. 


White Oak Properties is made up of unconventional thinkers who challenge the status quo daily. We believe in getting the most out of life every single day and in everything that we do. To fit in with our team you must: 

  • Believe that life was meant to be enjoyed and that your career should be a part of that enjoyment. 
  • Be an independent thinker and always look for ways to improve yourself and your life. 
  • Believe in living an active lifestyle and getting outside as much as possible. 
  • Have a true passion for helping people and contributing to the growth of your community. 

At White Oak Properties we want anyone who joins our team to succeed and become the best agent that they can be. As an agency, we go above and beyond to make sure that we help you accomplish any goal that you set for yourself. We can help you as an agent in the following ways: 

  • Provide an innovative workspace for conducting business and collaborating with other agents.
  • Provide ongoing support and training from the day you join the team. 
  • Cutting-edge technology, marketing, and personalized support
  • We welcome the opportunity to be flexible and set your own hours.
  • We provide a strong company culture that enables you to excel in your career and personal life.


Interested in learning more? Give Beau a call at 601-480-6373 or use the “contact us” tab.